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Bonita Springs Product Liability Lawyer

Each year, thousands of Americans are hurt or killed by faulty or defective products, and many of them are right here in Bonita Springs. The fact that so many people are harmed by defective products is alarming, but not really surprising. Consider how many products you use in just one day from your coffee maker to your car, and even your toothbrush. When these, or any other, products are defective, it can result in serious injuries. Below, our Bonita Springs product liability lawyer explains the most common types of defects and how you can claim compensation for your injuries.

Common Types of Defective Products

Any product can be defective and cause injury. However, there are some types of products that more commonly cause an accident than others. These are as follows:

  • Medical devices
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Food products
  • Toys and products for children
  • Medications
  • Home appliances
  • Automobiles
  • Chemicals and cleaning products
  • Construction equipment
  • Electronics

Three Ways Products are Defective

There are three main ways in which a product can be defective. These include:

  • Design defects: When a product’s design is defective, it is faulty before it even comes into existence. For example, if a child’s car seat was designed without safety belts and latches, that is a defective design because it is these very items that make the product safe.
  • Manufacturing defects: Even when a product’s design is not defective, mistakes can still happen during the manufacturing process. Using the same example above, if the design of a child’s car seat included safety belts but they were not installed properly during the creation of the product, that is a manufacturing defect.
  • Failure to warn: When a product is inherently dangerous, manufacturers have a duty to warn consumers about the danger. For example, cleaning solutions are inherently dangerous as they contain toxic substances. Manufacturers must place a warning on them and specific instructions on how to use them properly so no one becomes hurt.

Evidence in Product Liability Claims

While you may know that a defective product caused your injury, you must prove it when filing a product liability claim. The only way to prove that a defective product caused your injuries is to conduct an investigation and recover evidence from the scene of the accident. It is important to work with a lawyer who can hire the appropriate experts to evaluate the safety of the product and determine whether other factors played a role in the accident. You should also retain the product, as well as any packaging it came in, as these can also serve as evidence when proving your case.

Call Our Product Liability Lawyer in Bonita Springs for a Free Consultation

If you have been hurt by a defective product, you likely have a lot of questions. At Cardinal Law, our Bonita Springs product liability lawyer can answer them and help you obtain the full and fair settlement you deserve. Call us now at 239-610-0845 or contact us online to schedule a free review of your case.

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