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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Cape Coral Boat Accident Lawyer

Cape Coral Boat Accident Lawyer

Numerous canals and easy access to the Florida Gulf make boating a popular hobby in Lee County. Unfortunately, boat accidents in Cape Coral are also common and often happen due to the reckless and negligent behavior of other boaters involved. At Cardinal Law, we hold them responsible for your injuries.

As a local, family-owned law firm with decades of combined experience helping clients, you can count on our Cape Coral boat accident lawyer to provide the comprehensive legal service you need in filing a claim. Let us help you make the maximum recovery.

Our Experienced Cape Coral Boat Accident Lawyer Provides Trusted Legal Guidance In Filing A Claim

Surrounded by waterways of all shapes and sizes, Cape Coral is the perfect place for boaters. However, it is important to be aware of the risks. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), over 700 boat accidents happen yearly throughout the state. Cape Coral is one of the most common places for them to occur. When the reckless and negligent behavior of others is to blame, Cardinal Law helps you hold them accountable.

Our Cape Coral boat accident lawyer provides the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need to file a claim. We protect the rights of injured victims when boating injuries happen as a result of the following:

  • Lack of boating experience;
  • Reckless operations;
  • Equipment failure;
  • Rough, choppy waters and dangerous weather;
  • Failure to have life jackets or other emergency supplies on board.

Cardinal Law Helps You Get The Maximum Compensation In Your Claim

When boating accidents in Cape Coral happen due to the reckless and negligent behavior of others, you have the right to hold them liable for your losses. At Cardinal Law, we help you get the maximum compensation you are entitled to in a claim.

The other boater may have insurance to help cover your costs. As experienced Cape Coral boat accident lawyers, we can protect your rights in dealing with claims adjusters. We understand how they work and can negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible settlement. If insurance is not available or fails to cover your costs, we can take your case to court. Compensation available under the Florida Statutes includes:

  • Payment for all property damages;
  • Coverage of all medical expenses related to your injuries;
  • Reimbursement for lost wages during recovery and future lost income due to ongoing impairments;
  • Additional amounts for pain, suffering, lost enjoyment in life, and to punish the at-fault boater for their behavior.

Contact Cardinal Law And Request A Consultation With Our Experienced Cape Coral Boat Accident Lawyer

Boat accidents in Cape Coral can leave you suffering serious personal injuries. However, you only have one chance to get compensation. Once you accept a settlement, you waive your rights to future claims.

At Cardinal Law, we provide the trusted, local legal representation you need to get the maximum compensation. To request a consultation, contact our Cape Coral boat accident lawyer today.

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