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Category Archives: Construction Accident


Construction Accidents: A Common Cause Of Personal Injuries In Naples

By Cardinal Law, P.A. |

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. Accidents are common and can impact workers, people in nearby stores or buildings, and anyone passing by. Personal injuries that occur as a result can be devastating, jeopardizing your health and ability to provide for yourself and your loved ones for years into the future. Our Naples construction… Read More »

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Construction Sites In Naples Pose Risks To Passersby

By Cardinal Law, P.A. |

There always seems to be some type of construction going on in Naples. Whether it involves the building of new homes or renovations of local office buildings, it is important for passersby to be aware of the risks. Accidental injuries impacting innocent passersby are unfortunately common. Our Naples construction accident lawyer explains some of… Read More »

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