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Category Archives: Truck Accident


Six Common Ways Naples Truck Accidents Happen And How To Reduce Your Risks

By Cardinal Law, P.A. |

Truck accidents in Naples are one of the most devastating types of crashes. While the massive size and weight of most big rigs protect the truck driver, it is typically other motorists involved who often end up suffering the most serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. To reduce your risks, our Naples truck accident lawyer… Read More »

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Avoiding ‘No-Zones’ Can Help Prevent Truck Accidents In Naples

By Cardinal Law, P.A. |

As clean-up efforts continue post Hurricane Ian, roads are increasingly congested. In addition to contractors and utility crews, there are also numerous truckers, bringing in supplies or hauling away wreckage. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of accidents. Our Naples truck accident lawyer explains about no-zones, which are something all motorists in our area need… Read More »

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