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Nobody ever wants to be dealing with criminal charges of any kind because there are clear consequences to convictions that can significantly disrupt a person’s life and cause a host of problems. Cardinal Law, P.A. understands what people are going through any time they are arrested and is able to help people fight to achieve the most favorable possible outcomes to their criminal cases.

People can be charged with a wide range of possible crimes in Florida, from simple driving under the influence (DUI) arrests to various kinds of drug crimes to many other offenses. The bottom line will always remain that every single person has defense options and a criminal defense attorney can help you explore what potential defenses might be applicable in your case.

Cardinal Law, P.A. aggressively defends people charged with all kinds of crimes in Florida. Our firm can evaluate all of your defense options when you call 239-610-0845 to receive a free consultation.

Florida Criminal Defense Cases

Our firm has handled scores of different kinds of criminal defense cases. Some of the most common kinds of charges we see include, but are not limited to:

  • DUI — Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) statistics show that thousands of people are arrested for DUI every year. This is one of the most common crimes people can be charged with, and it is important for people to understand that there are a variety of possible defenses in these cases.
  • Drug Possession — An alleged drug possession offense can fall into one of three categories that may impact possible penalties. Simple possession usually involves a small amount of drugs for personal use, possession with intent to deliver, sell, or distribute charges can be possible when a person possesses a larger amount of drugs, and drug trafficking charges are possible when a person possesses a very large amount of drugs.
  • Solicitation — Criminal solicitation in Florida is a crime that can vary depending on what was being solicited. Solicitation of prostitution is usually a first-degree misdemeanor for a first offense but becomes a felony on subsequent offenses.
  • Drivers License Suspension / No license — First offenses for driving with a suspended license are punishable by up to 60 days jail and a fine of up to $500, second offenses can result in first-degree misdemeanor charges, and third or subsequent offenses can be felonies. Many alleged offenders in these cases were not aware their licenses had been suspended.
  • Theft — Theft crimes in Florida are usually classified as being either petit theft or grand theft crimes, depending on the value of the goods stolen. There are increased penalties for repeat offenses, habitual felony offenders, and elderly victims.
  • Battery — Simple battery is often a misdemeanor but aggravated battery can result in felony charges. Battery charges can also be upgraded when the victim was an emergency medical care provider, firefighter, or law enforcement officer.
  • Domestic Violence — Florida has a specific definition for who constitutes being a family or household member. Domestic violence charges often have the potential to cause a wave of other potential problems for alleged offenders.
  • Disorderly Conduct — Also known as breach of the peace, this offense is usually a second-degree misdemeanor. Repeat offenses can lead to more significant penalties.

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Cardinal Law, P.A. is committed to helping people facing all kinds of criminal charges overcome the obstacles in their cases that are making desirable outcomes seem like an impossibility. We will be able to determine your strongest defense options and help you exercise your rights.

If you were arrested for any kind of criminal offense in Southwest Florida, do not hesitate to seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer. Contact Cardinal Law, P.A. right away at 239-610-0845 to take advantage of a free consultation.



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A criminal conviction has the potential to destroy your life. Fight for your future by calling an experienced criminal defense attorney at Cardinal Law, P.A. today. We represent the criminally charged throughout Southwest Florida.



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