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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Fort Myers Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer

Fort Myers Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer

A collision between a commercial truck and a passenger car almost always ends badly for the latter. It is a matter of simple physics. A fully loaded commercial truck can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. The average passenger vehicle has little protection against such force.

In addition to the severe injuries that commonly arise from these accidents, commercial trucks also raise a number of complex legal issues when it comes to determining liability. That is why it is important to seek legal advice from a skilled Fort Myers commercial truck accident lawyer if you are one of the victims. The team at Cardinal Law, P.A., specializes in helping individuals who have suffered substantial damages in commercial trucking accidents and are looking to assert their legal right to compensation.

How Are Commercial Trucking Accidents Different Than Other Car Crashes?

When two passenger cars get into a minor accident, there is often nothing to be done beyond exchanging contact information and filing an insurance claim. But things are never that simple when it comes to a commercial truck accident. There are several reasons for this:

  • Commercial truck accident victims often require hospitalization and extensive medical care followed by a lengthy period of physical and mental rehabilitation. During this time, the victims are also faced with a loss of income due to their inability to return to work, a situation that may be permanent in many cases depending on the extent of their injuries.
  • Commercial truck accidents often involve multiple parties who may be legally liable for the victims’ injuries. In addition to the truck driver, the company that owns the truck may also be responsible, as well as the company that loaded the truck’s cargo, and even the companies that manufactured or repaired the truck.
  • Commercial truck accidents often involve extensive property damage beyond the other vehicles. If a truck spills its cargo, for instance, that can damage the roadways and adjacent private property.
  • While most regular car accidents are covered by Florida’s “no fault” auto insurance system, commercial trucks are covered by much more substantial liability policies.

And while these are important distinctions that separate commercial truck accidents from those involving passenger vehicles, there are still some similarities worth noting. Commercial truck accidents often happen as the result of driver negligence, such as violating traffic laws, speeding, operating a vehicle while impaired due to drug or alcohol use, or simply distracted driving.

Contact Cardinal Law Today

Commercial truck accident victims can seek a wide range of damages under Florida law to cover both their economic and non-economic losses. A qualified Fort Myers commercial truck accident lawyer can review your case and advise you of the potential value of your claim. So if you have been injured in an accident involving a semi-truck, garbage truck, dump truck, tanker truck, or any other type of commercial vehicle, contact Cardinal Law, P.A., to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our personal injury team.

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