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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Fort Myers Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Fort Myers Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

While cruise ships are generally one of the safest forms of travel, injuries can still occur if the cruise ship company fails to uphold its duties of care to its passengers. If you were injured, or a loved one lost their life, in a cruise ship accident, you have the right to file a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim against the responsible party. The Fort Myers cruise ship injury lawyer at Cardinal Law, P.A. are highly knowledgeable and up to date regarding all maritime law, including the Jones Act, the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, and the Death on the High Seas Act.

Common Examples of Cruise Ship Injuries and Negligence

  • Defective equipment—Defective equipment, such as stairs, ladders, latches, electronic devices, pool equipment, chairs, and tables can all pose a hazard to passengers, resulting in broken bones, burn injuries, back injuries, and more.
  • Improper ship or equipment maintenance—Slip and falls are one of the most common injuries on cruise ships, and commonly occur when the walking surface is damaged, dirty, does not have a handrail, does not have adequate lighting, or is otherwise improperly maintained.
  • Improperly trained crew members—Cruise ships can be held accountable when crew members either cause an injury or fail to properly assist a guest who is suffering a medical emergency.
  • Negligent security—Assault and sexual assault are common on cruise ships. Cruise ships have a duty to employ security measures, such as security guards, cameras, and appropriate lighting.
  • Inadequate safety equipment—Fire extinguishers, life vests, rafts, emergency lighting, and other safety equipment and measures must be working properly in order to be effective in an emergency situation. Cruise ships that cut corners and costs can be held accountable in these scenarios.
  • Navigational mistakes—Colliding with a dock or traveling into dangerously rough seas are two potential navigational errors that can seriously harm passenger and crew members alike.
  • Food poisoning—Quite possibly the most common way in which guests suffer injury or illness is food poisoning. It can be complicated when it comes time to prove fault in a food poisoning lawsuit. However, if many other guests suffered the same symptoms, there may be a better chance at a successful personal injury claim or lawsuit outcome.
  • Over serving alcohol—As with any bar or restaurant on land, cruise ships and crew members have an obligation to cut off guests who have had too much to drink, and to never overpour (to put two shots of alcohol into a one-shot drink, for example).

Contact a Fort Myers Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer Today

There are certain complexities involved in filing a claim against a cruise ship that are not relevant in most other personal injury claims. After all, a car crash cannot occur in international waters. You need a legal team that is prepared to take on this specific type of case. Our maritime lawyers know how to deliver results. Call the Fort Myers cruise ship injury lawyer at Cardinal Law, P.A. today at 844-874-PAIN to schedule a free consultation.

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