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Fort Myers Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

As the country’s third-most populous state and a major center of commerce, Florida’s roads are blanketed with tractor trailers on a daily basis. These vehicles play an invaluable role in moving cargo around the state. But they also pose special risks to other people on the road, especially if a tractor trailer is driven or maintained in a negligent manner.

If you have been involved in an accident involving one of these vehicles, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience in investigating all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the crash. The Fort Myers tractor trailer accident lawyer at Cardinal Law, P.A., has represented many clients in taking legal action against negligent truck drivers, trucking companies, and other parties whose actions contributed to a preventable accident. We can help you in recovering compensation for your injuries and other losses arising from such events.

Types of Tractor Trailer Crashes

Many tractor trailer crashes happen just like two passenger vehicle crashes might happen: rear end, head-on, or T-bone. However, due to the size of tractor trailers, there are some unique types of crashes that are much more likely to happen in a truck crash than in smaller vehicle collisions.

  • Rollover—Rollovers are common among tractor trailers due to their height and high center of gravity. It goes without saying that a tractor trailer rollover poses a serious hazard to all others on the road.
  • Jackknife—Jackknifing occurs when the tractor trailer folds up like a jackknife, the rear end of the trailer coming parallel with the front end. Jackknifing is caused when the driver applies the brakes hard, and the trailer or the cab loses control and grip on the pavement.
  • Underride Crashes—Low vehicles can become wedged underneath the trailer of a truck if there is no underride protection barrier. Injuries in these situations are often fatal.
  • Tire Blowouts—Tire blowouts are a top cause of truck crashes. A Tractor trailer usually has 18 tires, which partially accounts for the high rate of tire failure. But the high PSI required in truck tires is another reason tires regularly blow out. It is the driver and trucking company’s responsibility to perform regular checks, even while en route, to minimize the chance of a blowout.
  • Falling Objects/Cargo—When cargo or debris falls off the back of a truck, the driver may not even be aware of the mayhem they are causing behind them as drivers swerve to try and avoid it. But the trucking company is still responsible if this causes a collision.
  • Blind Spot Crashes—The average tractor trailer is around 72 feet long, roughly five times longer than the average car. This length creates a massive blind spot, and despite the known dangers of tractor trailer blind spots, most trucks are not outfitted with side view or rear view cameras, simply due to cost.
  • Wide Turn Collisions—90 degree or higher corners create a problem for long tractor trailers that have very wide turning radii. Vehicles caught in between, or on the outside, of a corner and a large semi truck can be side-swiped or even fully run over.

The Importance of Investigating a Tractor Trailer Accident

One reason that you want to engage a tractor trailer accident lawyer as soon as possible following a crash is the need to preserve evidence. There is often far more information available on a tractor trailer crash than an accident involving only passenger vehicles. For example, many modern tractor trailers contain “black boxes” similar to those used in airplanes. These devices record key data just before a crash and can help to prove a driver’s negligence in court.

A tractor trailer accident may also be the result of improper maintenance. For example, if the owner of a commercial truck failed to regularly inspect the brakes and the tractor trailer later careened out of control on the highway, that may be the cause. Trucking companies also keep detailed personnel records that can help identify whether or not a driver involved in a crash had a history of reckless driving, drug or alcohol abuse, or excessive traffic infractions.

In short, the quicker that you engage a Fort Myers tractor trailer accident lawyer, the quicker they can begin to conduct a full investigation into your accident. This can place you in a much stronger legal position when negotiating a potential settlement with a truck driver, trucking company, or insurance company. And if necessary, such evidence will be crucial if you have to go to court to prove negligence.

Contact Cardinal Law Today

Tractor trailers transport the vast majority of our consumer products, and just about everything else. But they do make for extremely dangerous driving conditions when the truck driver or trucking company acts carelessly. Distracted driving, improper loading, speeding, and drowsy driving are all serious issues in the trucking industry that have catastrophic effects on other road users, such as yourself. If you were injured in a crash, our Fort Myers tractor trailer accident attorney at Cardinal Law, P.A. is available to help you file a personal injury claim for compensation.

Tractor trailer operators typically carry far more insurance for their vehicles than people who only drive passenger-sized cars and trucks. This means these defendants are in a better position to compensate an accident victim for damages. At the same time, insurance companies are not in the habit of simply paying accident claims without question. The reality is that even when a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence appears obvious, these defendants and their insurers may still fight you tooth and nail when it comes to damages. This again is why you need to work with a skilled Fort Myers accident lawyer. If you need to speak with a lawyer right away, contact Cardinal Law, P.A., today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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