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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Fort Myers Truck Company Negligence Lawyer

Fort Myers Truck Company Negligence Lawyer

When determining liability for any motor vehicle accident, it is common to assume that one of the drivers was at-fault. After all, most accidents are the result of an error or reckless act committed by the driver. But when it comes to accidents involving any sort of commercial truck, it is also important to examine the potential liability of the trucking company who put that driver on the road in the first place.

Indeed, there are a number of ways in which a trucking company’s neglect or mismanagement can lead to a serious accident. A skilled Fort Myers truck company negligence lawyer can help make that determination. At Cardinal Law, P.A., we represent trucking accident victims who want to know what happened and why–and who should be held responsible for their injuries and other losses stemming from a preventable crash.

What Are a Trucking Company’s Responsibilities for Ensuring Safety?

All commercial trucking companies in the United States are subject to strict federal regulations. These rules cover everything from the maximum hours of service a driver can work without a break to maintenance standards for individual trucks. Of course, just because these regulations exist does not mean they are always followed to the letter. To the contrary, far too many trucking companies try to court corners with the law for the sake of financial expediency.

Some of the more common ways that truck company negligence may contribute to an accident include:

  • Maintenance and Inspections. Whether a company operates one truck or an entire fleet, it is critical that all vehicles are regularly inspected to detect problems before they occur. Many truck accidents that are initially believed to be the result of driver error actually turn out to be a faulty part that broke down on the road. A trucking company can be held responsible if they overlooked or failed to correct the problem beforehand.
  • Hiring Drivers. Not just anyone can drive a commercial truck. There are special licensing requirements for such drivers. Trucking companies not only need to ensure the drivers they hire are qualified, but also that they do not have a background that would suggest they were unfit to drive. For instance, if an accident is caused by a drunk driver with a history of drunk or reckless driving, the trucking company may be sued for negligent hiring.
  • Supervising Drivers. It is not enough to just hire a qualified driver. Trucking companies must also be proactive in ensuring their drivers follow all applicable federal regulations. The law also requires periodic drug and alcohol testing of commercial truck drivers. A trucking company that fails to conduct such tests–or ignores the results–can be held liable for negligent supervision in the event of an accident.

Contact Cardinal Law Today

We all depend on other drivers acting in an appropriate manner to keep everyone safe on the road. But when it comes to commercial vehicles we also depend on the truck companies to do their jobs behind the scenes. So if you have been injured in a crash and need legal advice from a Fort Myers truck company negligence lawyer, contact Cardinal Law, P.A., today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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