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Immokalee Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a bicycle is increasingly popular in Immokalee. We see families riding for relaxation, as well as individuals on their daily commute to work or school. Florida’s great weather means that residents can hop on a bike any day of the week. Unfortunately, Florida is one of the most dangerous states for cyclists. This state was designed for cars, not bikes—and cyclists pay the price. If you were hurt in a collision while riding on two wheels, please reach out to Cardinal Law, P.A. today. An Immokalee bicycle accident lawyer can listen to you describe your accident and then provide frank advice about whether you can sue.

Who is Liable for Your Bicycle Accident?

Our clients are injured in many types of bicycle accidents:

  • Rear end collisions. Some distracted motorists will fail to stop in time, instead plowing directly into a bicyclist. These accidents often happen at intersections, where a driver might be too distracted by a phone call or text message to look up and see someone stopped at a red light.
  • Open door accidents. Parked cars are dangerous because someone sitting in a car on the curb might open a door. Any cyclist riding near the curb can go straight into the door.
  • Florida requires that motorists and cyclists share the road. Unfortunately, some drivers try to pass much too closely and end up clipping a cyclist, causing injuries.
  • Road defect accidents. A pothole or other defect could upset a cyclist and cause them to go flying. We might sue the government agency responsible for the stretch of road.

Bicycle accidents cause devastating injuries, including:

  • Head and neck injuries: whiplash, fractures, concussions, severe traumatic brain injuries, and internal bleeding are only some of the most serious head and neck injuries.
  • Fractures: bones in the arms, legs, and ribs can easily break in a collision.
  • Skin injuries: exposed skin will suffer abrasions, friction burns, road rash, and lacerations when a person is tossed off a bike.
  • Nerve damage: trauma can lead to pinched nerve, biker’s arm, and permanent nerve damage, among other injuries.
  • Back injuries: our clients have suffered herniated discs, back sprains, spondylosis, and spinal cord injuries in an accident.

An experienced lawyer will review your options for receiving compensation to cover these and other injuries. If you were struck by a driver, you might submit a claim on their insurance policy. We will also review whether you can sue the government for poor road maintenance or design.

Our Immokalee Bicycle Accident Lawyers Are Available

Bicycle accidents leave many of our friends and family in serious pain. There must be a way to fight back and improve public safety at the same time. Call Cardinal Law, P.A. to schedule a consultation with one of our Immokalee bicycle accident lawyers. Florida’s statute of limitations gives you only a short window of time to legally file a claim, and it is critical that you not go over the deadline. Let us take legal action to protect your rights.

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