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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Immokalee Boat Accident Lawyer

Immokalee Boat Accident Lawyer

Accidents on the water are in many ways like accidents on land. A major question is understanding who is at fault for the accident. When we identify who is to blame, we can identify whether to seek financial compensation for your injuries and financial losses. At Cardinal Law, P.A., we represent accident victims in personal injury lawsuits, including boat accident cases.

After an accident, many victims are left with life-changing injuries, especially brain damage if a victim nearly drowned. Less serious injuries like fractures and neck injuries can keep someone out of work and require pricey medical care. Contact Cardinal Law if you suffered bodily injuries in any type of accident on the water. Our firm is committed to helping people like you seek financial compensation. An Immokalee boat accident lawyer can explain our services in more depth in a free consultation.

Why Boat Accidents Are So Dangerous

The Florida Fish and Wildlife conservation Commission gathers boating accident statistics. In 2022, the state experienced 723 accidents involving recreational watercraft, by far the most in the nation. More than 60 people perished in these accidents, and an additional 457 people suffered injuries which ranged from burns, lacerations, and fractures to head and back injuries.

Many things can go wrong while out on the water. Often, negligence leads to accidents. Some operators drink before boating, which is not only against the law but can also cause poor judgment or risky behavior. Other boat operators are unfamiliar with the vessel and make critical mistakes. Our firm can investigate to identify who is responsible for the accident.

We might end up suing any of the following:

  • Boat operator—a negligent operator is legally liable for anyone hurt in an accident.
  • The operator’s employer—you could have suffered an injury while on a boat tour.
  • Boat owner—the boat could be defective, making the vessel owner liable to victims.
  • Boat manufacturers—defects in design or manufacture can lead to accidents and liability for the manufacturer.
  • Mechanics—shoddy repair work on a boat can lead to preventable accidents.

There are many types of accidents which lead to injuries. Some boats collide with another vessel or run aground. Other accidents involve striking a wave in the wake of another boat, tossing passengers overboard. Still other accidents involve fires or the vessel capsizing.

Serious Injuries Require Serious Legal Help

A boat accident can send victims to the hospital with significant injuries. Many victims cannot work and are confined to a hospital bed or their homes. The financial stress caused by these accidents is unbearable. Our legal team has met with people on the verge of bankruptcy or in foreclosure because their accidents keep them from working.

As soon as possible, you should reach out to an experienced law firm to discuss what happened and your legal rights. We can investigate and then sue whoever is responsible. Call Cardinal Law, P.A. today. An Immokalee boat accident lawyer can meet for a free consultation and discuss all legal options.

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