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Immokalee Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are unique injuries which happen in a variety of contexts. But every burn has the potential to cause long-lasting disfigurement and disability. At Cardinal Law, P.A., our firm has negotiated settlements for clients who suffer serious burn injuries due to product defects, car accidents, and premises liability accidents. Pick up the phone and call our law firm today. In a free consultation, an Immokalee burn injury lawyer will provide an overview of your legal rights and the process we use to obtain compensation.

Was Your Burn Injury Serious?

Our clients suffer burn injuries in various types of accidents in Immokalee:

  • Car crash. Battery acid could splash on a motorist, or the car could catch on fire. Car fires are a significant hazard with electric vehicles.
  • Motorcycle accident. A rider could suffer a friction burn if they fly off their bike and exposed skin drags along the road.
  • Defective products. A product could catch on fire or explode due to a defect. Each month, manufacturers recall dozens of products due to fire hazards, including clothing, toys, and bedding. If you are hurt, we might hold the manufacturer accountable.
  • Premise liability accidents. A property could catch on fire due to defective wiring, and visitors can be injured while trying to escape.
  • Electrocution accident. Construction workers can suffer burns when they collide with a live wire, or a faulty product or appliance could electrocute a consumer. Electrocution injuries are sometimes hard to diagnose.

Burns differ in severity, based on their depth and the location. For example, a burn on a joint could lead to a contracture and disability. Many burn victims need surgery to loosen contractures and skin grafts to cover exposed areas. Rehabilitation is also necessary to regain a range of movement which burns can limit. Burns are also likely to become infected, which doctors must treat promptly before a patient develops sepsis.

Doctors classify burns based on their depth:

  • First degree burns damage the outermost layer of skin and typically heal on their own without any treatment necessary.
  • Second degree burns damage the outer layer of skin and the epidermis underneath. They can lead to blistering and scarring.
  • Third degree burns damage all layers of skin and usually cause permanent disfigurement.
  • Fourth degree burns damage underlying bone, muscle, nerves, and tendons and often result in amputation of the affected limb.

Regardless of the depth, you should go to the hospital to have a doctor check out a burn.

We Can Fight for Compensation

Burn injuries are expensive to treat and cause unjustified physical pain and emotional distress. Some burns permanently disfigure a person, which makes moving forward very difficult. In fact, many burn victims speak movingly of struggling with deep fears for the future after an accident.

Please call Cardinal Law, P.A. today to talk about your case. We can review who might have legal liability for your burn and related emotional distress. An Immokalee burn injury is available to meet for a free consultation at a convenient time and location.

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