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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Immokalee Bus Accident Lawyer

Immokalee Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses are a convenient method of transportation and are vital for many people who do not have a driver’s license or own a vehicle. We see many buses out on the road: school buses, charter buses, and Collier Area Transit buses. They transport thousands of people every day around town. Any one of them could crash, injuring motorists and bus passengers in the process. Call Cardinal Law, P.A., today if you were injured in a bus accident. We help both passengers injured when their driver is negligent, as well as other motorists crushed by a dangerous bus. An experienced Immokalee bus accident lawyer is available to review your injuries and memories of the accident to determine your legal rights.

Bus Accident Injuries

Buses are larger than the typical vehicle on the road, so getting struck by one can damage your car and cause lasting bodily injuries. Even if the bus is going at a slow speed, its sheer size is enough to send someone to the hospital with:

  • Neck injuries—whiplash and nerve damage
  • Fractures—cervical, rib, or arm fractures
  • Skin injuries—abrasions, cuts and lacerations, infections
  • Chest injuries—heart contusion, collapsed lung, rib fracture, and more
  • Head injuries—concussions, severe traumatic brain injuries, and hemorrhage
  • Back injuries—paralysis, spinal stenosis, and herniated discs
  • Catastrophic injuries—amputation, crush injuries, permanent disability or disfigurement

Bus passengers can also be injured in a crash. They might fly around like socks in a dryer and suffer many of the same injuries as motorists. Unfortunately, dozens of passengers can all end up needing an ambulance after a major bus accident. And medical care might include surgery and several days and nights in the hospital.

A key consideration is fault for the accident. Bus passengers might need to sue either the bus company or a different motorist who hit their bus. Reach out to an experienced law firm like Cardinal Law to begin an investigation. We rely on certain evidence, like witness statements and any video from the bus. Our firm is also prepared to dig deeper to find additional evidence. We never simply rely on the government to perform an investigation for us.

If an Area Transit bus hit you, then our firm might need to sue a government agency. Certain laws limit when you can sue, and there are often notification requirements and tight deadlines. You should only work with a lawyer who is experienced at bringing legal claims against public entities.

Speak to Cardinal Law Today

Our Immokalee bus accident lawyer has decades of experience seeking financial compensation for accident victims. We can review your medical bills, lost income, and property damage to estimate a reasonable settlement amount. We also request meaningful compensation for bodily pain and emotional distress.

Bus companies fight off claims aggressively, and they have large law firms at their disposal to work day and night to defeat your claim. You are at a disadvantage if you work with an inexperienced lawyer. Contact us right away to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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