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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Immokalee Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Immokalee Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Immokalee accidents cause many types of injuries. Some are relatively minor and can heal in a few months, whereas others are life altering. When someone negligently or recklessly injures you, the law empowers victims to seek compensation to cover certain expenses, like medical care and property damage. Permanent injuries will require more medical care and cause greater out-of-pocket expenses. We call these major injuries “catastrophic.”

At Cardinal Law, P.A., our lawyers have helped many accident victims pick up the pieces after they suffer catastrophic injuries. These are unique personal injury cases, with many difficult legal and factual issues. You should make sure to hire a law firm which understands your legal needs during this stressful time. Call our firm today to schedule a consultation with an Immokalee catastrophic injury lawyer.

What Makes Catastrophic Injuries Different?

Any bodily injury can leave someone bedridden and in pain. Common examples include a back sprain, slipped or bulging disc, mild concussion, or pinched nerves. With some rest and rehabilitation, however, most victims can return to normal after a few months.

But catastrophic injuries result in permanent disabilities. No matter how much medical care a person receives, they typically have ongoing limitations and never really return back to “normal.” They will also have ongoing financial expenses.

Some catastrophic injuries include:

  • Second- and third-degree burns. These burns go down to the lower layers of skin and can result in contractures and immobility.
  • Losing a limb requires overhauling how you perform everyday tasks like showering and cooking food.
  • Traumatic brain injury. A TBI can leave someone with permanent physical, emotional, behavioral, or speech impediments.
  • Blindness or deafness. These injuries completely turn someone’s life upside down.
  • Spinal cord injury. A serious spinal cord injury can result in permanent loss or impairment of movement and sensation.

These are the types of injuries which can require ongoing medical care and keep people out of work permanently.

Your attorney should be familiar with how catastrophic injuries differ from less serious injuries like a broken arm or whiplash. With catastrophic injuries, we need to estimate the cost of future medical care. Someone with a spinal cord injury could need surgeries every few years until they die.

You might also request loss of earning capacity. Someone with a serious brain injury or burns might not work again, or else they can only go back to work a lower-paying job. You could potentially lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars of income because of your accident.

Permanent bodily and psychological limitations also deserve compensation. Your lawyer needs to know how to request a fair amount. Unfortunately, we can’t expect insurance companies to make generous offers.

Call Cardinal Law for a Free Consultation

Catastrophic injuries permanently change lives. You and your loved ones deserve the best legal representation possible as you fight for maximum compensation to cover your expenses. There are many hazards to receiving justice, but Cardinal Law will do everything possible to help. Contact our law firm to speak with an Immokalee catastrophic injury lawyer about your case.

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