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Immokalee Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs make terrific pets, but millions of Americans are sent to the emergency each year with dog bite injuries. A simple dog bite can damage muscles and tendons and lead to major infections. Many people develop a fear of dogs, which reduces their quality of life. Small children can also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Please call Cardinal Law, P.A., if a dog bit you. You could possibly sue the dog owner for compensation or negotiate a settlement with their homeowner’s insurance provider. Our Immokalee dog bite lawyer can discuss these and other issues in a free consultation.

Florida’s Dog Bite Statute

Unlike some other states, Florida has created a specific law that deals with a dog owner’s legal liability for dog bites. Generally, you can sue the owner for damages if you were bitten by a dog in public or when lawfully on private property. Your right doesn’t depend on the dog having a history of vicious behavior.

This is excellent news. Some states have complicated laws that require showing a dog bit someone in the past or that the dog is on a list as “dangerous.” These states make it hard for victims to receive compensation. Florida has simplified the evidence you will need to bring a successful case.

A key limitation is that you were lawfully on someone’s property when you were bitten. Examples include:

  • The owner invited you to visit the property;
  • You were delivering mail as a postal worker;
  • You were performing a duty according to state law, such as investigating a crime.

There are other limitations. For example, an owner is not strictly liable if they posted a “Bad Dog” sign on their premises, unless the victim is under age 6. If a sign was posted, we might still bring a claim, but we’ll need to show negligence, such as the lack of necessary restraints.

Also, your own negligence can reduce the owner’s liability. Someone who was tormenting or hounding a dog is partially to blame for a dog attacking them, which means their compensation will be reduced.

Dog bites cause major injuries, and we recommend that anyone with a bite, no matter how small, should go to the hospital. Some complications include life-threatening infections, nerve damage, and scarring. Our firm has negotiated settlements with dog owners to cover medical bills and lost income, as well as non-economic losses, such as physical pain and mental anguish.

Call to Speak with an Experienced Lawyer at Our Firm

Too many owners let dangerous dogs roam around Immokalee. These animals frighten strangers and sometimes bite them. These owners also fail to properly restrain their animals on their own property or even warn visitors that a dog might be dangerous. Innocent people get hurt.

Helpfully, Florida law provides victims with the rights to seek compensation. All you need is the right lawyer in your corner to maximize your chances of success. Contact Cardinal Law, P.A., today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Immokalee dog bite lawyers.

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