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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Immokalee Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

Immokalee Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

Golf carts are a convenient way for people to get around Immokalee and neighboring communities. Like any other motor vehicle, however, golf cars get into their fair share of accidents. Unfortunately, occupants in a golf cart aren’t protected by many of the safety features that cars provide, so injuries can be on the serious side. Many people end up in the hospital when their golf cart is struck or flipped over.

At Cardinal Law, P.A., we can assist anyone injured in a golf cart accident. You probably are struggling with high medical bills, bodily pain, and fears about your financial future. Let us help. Call our firm to schedule a consultation with an Immokalee golf cart accident lawyer to discuss the legal process for obtaining financial compensation following a wreck.

Why Golf Cart Accidents Are Complicated

Why can’t you negotiate your own settlement following an accident? You could. Florida does not require that you hire a lawyer to represent you in any personal injury case. But these accidents have some complications:

  • We can only demand someone pay you compensation if they have fault for your accident. Another motor vehicle might have clipped you, or your golf cart could have a defect. An experienced attorney is invaluable when trying to piece together what happened to determine fault.
  • Serious injuries. Lacking air bags and other safety devices, golf carts provide little protection to their occupants. Consequently, our clients can suffer devastating injuries, which make handling a legal claim tough. You should focus full-time on healing, which means hiring a lawyer to do the legal work for you.
  • Insurance issues. What insurance applies when a golf cart is involved in a crash? What if there is a road defect, which is the fault of a homeowner’s association? Can you use your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage? We can dive in and untangle these complex insurance issues.
  • Serious bodily injuries could be worth a large amount of money. But defendants often vigorously defend themselves when more money is at stake. We aggressively negotiate on behalf of our injured clients.
  • Teen drivers. A teen might have been operating the golf cart when it crashed. This fact raises a whole host of issues, including whether the teen driver is to blame for the collision.

Get the legal help you need. Our firm can develop a creative strategy for seeking compensation. The more time we have, the stronger our representation.

Our Consultations Are Free

Golf cart accidents are major events. Many of our clients are struggling to leave the house and live with significant bodily pain. If you are interested in seeking compensation, then you have come to the right website. Cardinal Law, P.A., cut its teeth bringing personal injury claims for those hurt in accidents. We know how to properly value your claim and gather the evidence necessary to pull off settlement negotiations. Call to speak with an Immokalee golf cart accident lawyer about whether you can seek financial compensation for injuries suffered in an accident.

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