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Immokalee Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Any collision involving a motorcycle usually results in serious injuries. Motorcyclists have little protection, and many bikers are thrown into the air following a crash with another motor vehicle. We are not surprised that so many motorcyclists suffer devastating injuries after a crash. As a result, riders and their families stagger beneath massive medical bills and disrupted lives. Contact Cardinal Law, P.A. Our legal team has tackled many motorcycle accident cases. We understand how to organize evidence and allocate fault for your wreck, which are necessary steps if you hope to receive financial compensation. An Immokalee motorcycle accident lawyer is standing by to schedule a free consultation.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Many victims are so badly shaken following a wreck that they have no idea what happened. Our firm has seen countless motorcycle accidents, so we have developed a good understanding of the most common causes:

  • Distracted drivers. A driver distracted by a cell phone or pet could fail to see a motorcyclist stopped at an intersection or making a turn. Consequently, the distracted driver slams into them, causing major injuries.
  • Aggressive motorists. Aggressive drivers speed, tailgate, pass illegally, and take other dangerous actions on the road. Unsurprisingly, aggressive drivers cause many accidents—and motorcyclists pay the price.
  • Intoxicated or impaired motorists. A driver who is high or drunk can fail to see properly or make risky decisions while under the influence. Many also struggle with delayed reflexes, so they cannot take defensive action even if they see a vehicle up ahead.
  • Fatigued drivers. Tired drivers make mistakes. They also are at risk of nodding off, even for a few seconds, and crashing into motorcyclists as a result.
  • Road defects. Defects like potholes can flip over a motorcycle. The government agency responsible for maintaining safe roads is liable for many wrecks caused by road defects.
  • Defective motorcycles. Malfunctioning bikes are dangerous to ride. For example, brakes can fail, which sends a motorcyclist skidding off the road.

Some important pieces of evidence for these accidents include witness testimony, including your own memories. If you reach out to our firm, we can begin the evidence collection process. Please do not immediately fix your motorcycle, either, because it could also contain clues. Once we identify fault, we can negotiate for compensation with whoever is legally responsible for your injuries.

Passionate Advocates for injured Victims

Motorcyclists face many challenges to receiving fair compensation following an accident. Some insurance adjusters blame bikers for their own wrecks. They think all motorcyclists are daredevils who weave in and out of traffic and court disaster. We know that isn’t the case, and can convince an insurance adjuster that you are really a victim.

Comparative negligence rules are also changing in Florida, making it harder for some injured victims to bring legal claims. Get the help you need by phoning Cardinal Law, P.A., today. An Immokalee motorcycle accident lawyer will meet with you to go over in detail your accident and help bring to light your legal options for compensation.

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