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Immokalee Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident, your entire life might be thrown upside down. Car accidents, slip and falls, and other accidents can leave victims with gigantic medical bills and intense fears about finances. Even worse, many accident victims struggle with disabling pain, unable to sleep properly or spend quality time with their families.

If you were hurt in an accident, contact Cardinal Law, P.A. today. An Immokalee personal injury lawyer can discuss what happened and explain the process for bringing a personal injury claim. Our firm has had great success obtaining six- and seven-figure settlements for people just like you who were hurt in preventable accidents. Never assume that your case is too minor to speak with an attorney. Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Personal Injury Compensation

A personal injury claim seeks financial compensation for economic and non-economic losses tied to your accident. For example, many people injured in a car crash will suffer:

  • Property damage. Your car likely needs repairs or is potentially totaled. The person liable for the accident should pay to fix the damage or buy another car for you.
  • Lost wages or income. Bodily injuries prevent many people from getting back to work. Instead, they need to rest or rehab their injuries. The defendant should compensate you for lost income, including self-employment income.
  • Medical bills for treatment. Accident victims often incur huge medical expenses with few ways of paying for this care. We can seek compensation for diagnostic tests, doctor appointments, surgery, hospital overnights, rehabilitation, prescriptions, and other expenses.
  • Pain and suffering. Injuries cause pain, anxiety, depression, irritability, or simply a loss of enjoyment of life. All of that is normal after an accident—and you deserve financial compensation in return.

In some cases, we also seek punitive damages against a defendant who was grossly negligent or who intentionally injured you. For example, we might sue a driver high on cocaine for running a red light and crashing into you. Florida law caps punitive damages, but they are an effective way of holding a defendant accountable for horrific conduct.

To succeed with your claim, we must establish liability. Essentially, who is at fault? Cardinal Law can swoop in and begin collecting helpful evidence in the form of witness statements, video evidence, or physical evidence. Our firm might work with reconstruction experts to visualize how the accident unfolded. We then use all this evidence to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Any accident victim benefits from the help of a seasoned lawyer. Insurance companies often dedicate huge teams to fighting off claims, and they are expert at convincing people to accept small settlements.

Speak with an Immokalee Personal Injury Lawyer at Cardinal Law

We are the law firm to contact after a surprise accident has left you sidelined with serious bodily injuries and emotional distress. Call Cardinal Law, P.A., to schedule a consultation with our Immokalee personal injury lawyer. He will provide a preliminary analysis of your legal rights and possible compensation before formalizing the attorney-client relationship if hired.

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