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Immokalee Product Liability Lawyer

The typical Florida home has hundreds of gadgets and other products, from appliances to lights and electronic devices. We expect these products to work properly when we buy them. Unfortunately, some defective products end up actually harming consumers, causing bodily injuries and property damage because of a defect in their design or in the way they were put together. If you were injured by a defective product, call Cardinal Law, P.A., at your first opportunity. An Immokalee product liability lawyer can review the facts and identify if you have a valid legal claim against a manufacturer or other party for compensation.

What is Product Liability Law?

Consumers expect products to be safe, and manufacturers spend millions each year on safety research. Nonetheless, hundreds of products get recalled each year. When a defective product gets into the stream of commerce, it can cause major injuries and economic loss. Florida product liability law identifies who you can sue for damage caused by a defective product:

  • Designers
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Suppliers

A product can be defective due to:

  • Design defects. A product’s design could make it unsafe. Imagine a highchair whose legs are too close together, making it unstable when a baby is sitting in it. The poor design has made the product unreasonably dangerous, and the defect is to blame if the highchair tips over.
  • Manufacturing defects. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the design of a product, but the individual item you purchased was created defectively. Poor materials or missing parts—like a missing screw on a stool—could make the product defective.
  • Defective instructions or warnings. Some products are only safe to use when they come with sufficient safety warnings or instructions. When these are missing or otherwise inadequate, the product is dangerous, and consumers end up hurt unnecessarily. For example, a child car seat might not provide clear instructions for how to install the seat in a secure manner in your vehicle.

If a product injured you, we can seek compensation for your medical bills, property damage, income loss, and pain and suffering. We recommend holding onto the defective product instead of immediately throwing it away or returning it to the manufacturer. We might want to inspect it or show it to an expert who can identify whether there is a defect. That is a critical element to any case.

You Deserve Compensation

Cardinal Law, P.A., is eager to hear from anyone injured by a defective product. These cases are usually complex. It’s not obvious to most people what is wrong with the product that caught on fire or collapsed beneath them. Manufacturers often defend themselves by claiming the design they used was the best they could possibly adopt, and few victims know whether that’s true or not. It’s easy to feel like you have no legal case to stand on. You might even feel tempted to accept a small settlement.

Let us untangle the facts and identify which legal theories to pursue. Call Cardinal Law today to speak with our Immokalee product liability lawyer.

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