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Immokalee Slip & Fall Lawyer

Everyone falls at some point, but most people can easily get up after a minor spill and go on with their business. Sadly, thousands of people end up seriously injured in a major slip and fall accident. They can strike their head on the ground or fall down steps, suffering a painful injury when they connect with each step. At Cardinal Law, P.A., our legal team has met with clients who suffered serious neck injuries, back injuries, and concussions after falling. Many of them slipped on some property defect which should have either been repaired or cordoned off. There is no excuse for exposing visitors to dangerous hazards which result in dangerous injuries. Call our law firm to speak with our Immokalee slip & fall lawyer about your accident. We can investigate and negotiate a settlement, where appropriate.

A Property Owner’s Duty of Care

In Florida, a property owner owes a duty to use reasonable care to keep the premises safe for anyone they invite onto their property. This duty makes sense. After all, the owner has possession and control of the property. They should also know if there is a hazard that might injure an unsuspecting guest. Unfortunately, many people slip and fall due to a hazard that the owner either created or failed to fix after learning of it:

  • Spilled liquids
  • Trash or debris
  • Wet leaves
  • Winter ice
  • Defective floorboards or tiles
  • Worn out carpets
  • Faulty steps
  • Missing handrails
  • Mopped or waxed floors

A careful owner would anticipate hazards which occur regularly, like water on the floor because a grocery store mists their vegetables. A property owner should also warn visitors of hazards which they can’t immediately fix or avoid, like freshly mopped floors in a shopping mall.

A major question is whether the property owner knew of the hazard or should have known because it existed for a long time. If so, there is no excuse not to fix it. Our Immokalee slip & fall attorneys can investigate. We might request access to closed circuit TV video footage, which many stores have as an anti-theft device. We can also interview people who might have seen the hazard to get an idea of how long it was on the floor.

Property owners owe lesser duties to someone who is a licensee, meaning they entered the property for their own purposes instead of at the owner’s invitation. Regardless of why you are on the property, you should meet with an attorney to investigate whether you can sue for compensation. Slip and falls leave many people with painful injuries, and you should seek financial compensation when the facts allow.

Contact a Slip & Fall Attorney in Immokalee, Florida

Cardinal Law, P.A., is eager to listen to your story and develop a litigation strategy to maximize compensation. Businesses and property owners have insurance to cover these situations: someone is injured due to a property defect and incurs massive medical bills. Call us today to speak with an Immokalee slip & fall lawyer in a free consultation.

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