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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Immokalee Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Immokalee Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Tractor-trailers are a common sight in and around Immokalee. Commercial vehicles like these are responsible for transporting around 70% of the nation’s freight, and they connect Florida to the other states and Canada. Without tractor-trailers, we would have fewer consumer goods or produce to purchase in our stores.

These vehicles are also large. Weighing up to 40 tons, a tractor-trailer will cause massive damage when it collides with a lighter vehicle, like a pickup or SUV. Motorists involved in an accident with one of these vehicles can end up in the hospital, and the number of fatalities is high.

Call Cardinal Law, P.A., if you were involved in a truck collision. Our Immokalee tractor trailer accident lawyer will explain your important rights as a victim and, if hired, immediately begin building your legal claim.

Common Tractor-Trailer Accidents

A tractor-trailer has two pieces: the cab in front, which pulls the trailer in behind. A tractor trailer often has 18 wheels, which is why it is called an 18-wheeler.

These vehicles get involved in some common accidents:

  • An override involves a tractor trailer riding onto a smaller car in front. Sometimes, the trucker doesn’t see the car because it’s in the large blind spot in front. An override can literally crush the car underneath the tractor.
  • An underride involves a smaller car sitting low to the ground sliding underneath the tractor. Current federal regulations require an underride bar on the trailer—but only on the back. This bar might fail, or the car could slide under the side of the trailer where there is no bar.
  • The trailer connects to the tractor at a fifth wheel. This allows the trailer to swing out and helps the vehicle turn. But a jackknife occurs when the trailer swings out in an uncontrolled manner, often mowing down vehicles in the adjoining lane. Unbalanced freight or sudden braking can lead to jackknifes.
  • The tractor-trailer might roll onto its side, which can have devastating consequences. Any smaller car will be crushed. There are many causes for rollovers, but some include a dramatic shift in the center of gravity.
  • Backing up accidents. A tractor-trailer might run over someone when it is backing up. These accidents often happen at loading docks.

Accident victims and their families should do what they can to document the repercussions of the accident. We recommend diligently keeping all bills and receipts related to medical care and car repairs. You should also talk with our legal team to discuss how to document your bodily pain and emotional distress.

Reach Out to Cardinal Law

Although tractor trailer accidents are complex, it is possible to receive fair compensation for your pain, suffering, medical care, and lost wages. Call Cardinal Law to speak with an Immokalee tractor trailer accident lawyer about your case. We might file a claim against a truck owner, trucker, or another party, depending on the facts. To preserve evidence, it is vital that you reach out to our firm at the soonest opportunity.

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