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Lehigh Acres Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction work is tough. Battling the elements, fatigue, and dealing with repetitive strain injuries are all just part of the job. Serious injuries are also common among construction workers. Fortunately, there are options when you get injured on the job, whether the injury was traumatic in nature, or occurred slowly over the course of weeks or months. You have the option of seeking compensation through the workers’ comp claim, and potentially through the civil courts, depending on the circumstances of the accident. To learn more, the Lehigh Acres construction accident lawyer at Cardinal Law, P.A. is here to help you determine your next move.

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Construction Jobs

Most people are well aware that construction is one of the most hazardous occupations. Injuries can be difficult to avoid when you are up against a deadline, working with dangerous equipment and heavy machinery. A few of the most dangerous construction jobs include:

  • Roofing
  • High rise construction
  • Road and highway work
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical work
  • Iron and steel work
  • Demolition
  • Heavy equipment operation
  • Sewer and duct work
  • Masonry

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is available to virtually all construction workers and pays for partial wage replacement and full medical care. It is no-fault insurance, which means that you do not have to prove fault—a good thing when it comes to receiving fast care for your injuries. However, workers’ comp does not pay for full lost wages, pain and suffering, or many of the other damages you would be privy to if you filed a personal injury claim. Furthermore, it is very difficult to win a personal injury claim against your employer unless there is evidence of egregious misconduct.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Not all injured construction workers are limited to a workers’ compensation claim. There are plenty of construction accident scenarios in which filing a personal injury claim, in addition to a workers’ comp claim, is not only feasible, but in the victim’s best interest. These scenarios include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Filing a claim against your employer if your employer’s reckless actions caused the accident Filing a claim against an auto driver who caused a traffic collision on a road work construction site
  • Filing a claim against the manufacturer of a defective tool, device, building material, or piece of machinery
  • Filing a claim against a subcontractor who caused the accident
  • Filing a claim against the property owner for negligence
  • Filing a claim against another contractor if you were in independent contractor (in which case a workers’ comp claim would not be possible)

Call a Lehigh Acres Construction Accident Lawyer Today

Our society depends on construction workers, who build everything from our homes and places of work to the roads and bridges that get us there. If you got injured on the job, a Lehigh Acres construction accident lawyer at Cardinal Law, P.A. can help you get the financial and legal help you need. Call us today at 239-610-0845 to schedule a free consultation.

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