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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Lehigh Acres Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Lehigh Acres Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are almost no scenarios in which a motorcyclist gets hit by a car or truck and walks away unscathed. Whether your motorcycle crash occurred at high speed, you made contact with the other vehicle, or you were thrown clear, the injuries and damages you sustained should be compensated fairly. The Lehigh Acres motorcycle accident lawyer at Cardinal Law, P.A. will help you prove fault, establish a comprehensive list of your damages, file a personal injury claim, file a lawsuit if negotiations are unsuccessful, and litigate the lawsuit in court if that is what it takes to reach a desirable outcome for you and your family.

Florida is One of the Most Dangerous States to Ride

Tragically, the Sunshine State is not all that bright and sunny for those on two wheels. While we enjoy spectacular riding weather virtually every week of the year, here in Florida motorcycle crashes, and serious injuries and deaths, have been on the rise for years. The same is not quite as glaringly obvious for car drivers; as driving behaviors have deteriorated (speeding, aggressive driving, road rage, and distracted driving are at all-time highs), vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists have borne the brunt of the carnage. This is because, while drivers are protected in a cocoon of metal and airbags, motorcyclists have almost no protection in a crash.

No Motorcyclist is Invisible

The most common guilty driver excuse is to claim that the motorcyclist “came out of nowhere,” or “the sun was in my eyes,” or simply “I didn’t see them.” The first scenario is impossible and the second two still do not excuse the driver’s carelessness. Motorcyclists may be harder to see than a semi-truck, but they are by no means hard to see or invisible. It is every driver’s duty of care to always be scanning the road ahead and to the sides, give all road users plenty of space, to obey the speed limit, and to obey all other traffic laws. The real reason you were injured while riding your motorcycle is that the driver who caused your crash was not obeying the rules of the road, not that you “came out of nowhere.”

Call a Lehigh Acres Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

Road rash, concussion, broken wrists, whiplash, fractured hips, spinal cord damage, bruised or broken ribs—these are just a few common types of injuries that our clients have dealt with in the past. And we have been capable of winning their cases so that these injuries are given the proper medical care and time needed to heal as well as possible. A personal injury claim can also help to repair the financial damages that you have suffered as a result of the motorcycle accident. You are most likely entitled to lost wage replacement, lost earning capacity, and property damage, in addition to pain and suffering and other non-economic damages. Our Lehigh Acres motorcycle accident lawyer at Cardinal Law, P.A. can help you reach your goals for compensation, and we encourage you to call us today at 239-610-0845 to schedule a free consultation.

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