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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Lehigh Acres Spine Injury Lawyer

Lehigh Acres Spine Injury Lawyer

If you broke your neck in a slip and fall, suffered severe whiplash in a rear-end car crash, or are now coming to terms with a spinal cord injury following a workplace accident, we at Cardinal Law, P.A. understand your pain, grief, anger, and sense of loss. There are often no easy solutions for spine injuries. Our Lehigh Acres spine injury lawyer can, however, help ensure that you have the best medical care possible and that you have the funds to pay for that care, and take the necessary time off work to heal as best as you can, without going broke. This is only possible by filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault party who caused the accident.

The Spinal Column And All of its Parts

Most adults have 24 vertebrae, extending from the base of their spine to their tailbone. Each vertebra is a joint, connected to surrounding vertebrae and muscle by tendons and ligaments. A soft disc sits in between each of these vertebrae, acting as a shock absorber. Through the vertebral column lies the spinal cord, which is used to send signals from the brain to the rest of the body. A back or neck injury can damage any of these parts: spinal cord, vertebrae, disc, muscle, tendon, ligament, or cartilage. And because the neck and back make up the center of our body, all movement is impacted by a spine injury, which is why spine injuries are so painful and debilitating.

Fractured Vertebrae

There are four types of vertebrae fractures: compression, burst, flexion-distraction, and fracture-dislocation. Any type of fracture is dangerous and potentially life threatening if not immediately treated by a doctor or surgeon. While most spinal fractures do not cause any type of spinal cord injury, they can still result in complications, risky surgeries, and permanent pain, discomfort, and loss of movement.

Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury occurs when a vertebrae fractures and the bone of the vertebrae compresses, partially severs, or completely severs the spinal cord itself. Most spinal cord injuries are incomplete, meaning that the spinal cord is not fully severed. These incomplete spinal cord injuries have the potential to heal, and the patient does not lose full movement or sensation in the affected body region. Complete spinal cord injuries are permanent; there is no known treatment that can restore any function or feeling in the affected body region.

Soft Tissue Injuries

While certainly less severe, and life-threatening, than a fractured vertebrae, soft tissue injuries to the back can be even more painful and take even more time to recover from than an uncomplicated fractured neck or back. In fact, many soft tissue injuries never fully recover, particularly tendon injuries and herniated discs.

  • Herniated disc
  • Torn muscle
  • Damaged ligament
  • Damaged tendon
  • Damaged cartilage
  • Whiplash

Call a Lehigh Acres Spine Injury Lawyer Today

Spine injuries can range from chronically problematic and depressing to downright terrifying. If you were injured because of another party’s carelessness, the Lehigh Acres spine injury lawyer at Cardinal Law, P.A. can help you take legal action against them. Call us today at 239-610-0845 to schedule a free consultation.

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