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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Lehigh Acres Truck Accident Lawyer

Lehigh Acres Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck drivers are generally even-tempered, alert, and follow the rules of the road much better than the average single-occupancy vehicle operator out there. However, this is obviously not true for all truck drivers. If a truck driver’s negligence caused a crash in which you were injured, or the trucking company’s negligence led to the crash, you have the right to demand compensation from the trucking company. Our Lehigh Acres truck accident lawyer is capable of taking on the biggest trucking companies in and outside of Florida, and we enter each case with quiet confidence in our ability to get the job done for our clients.

Distracted Truck Driver

Distracted driving is dangerous driving, no matter what type of vehicle is being operated. However, when that vehicle weighs tens of thousands of pounds, the hazards are even more extreme. Truck drivers who drive distracted, whether texting, watching TV, or simply daydreaming, and cause collisions as a result should be held responsible for the victim’s damages. However, as with any type of collision, it is up to the plaintiff to prove fault.

Drowsy Truck Driver

Sleepy or drowsy driving has always been a problem in the trucking industry, in which truck drivers are frequently driving late into the night and/or violating the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s 11-hour driving limit. Drowsy driving comes with many of the same risks associated with drunk driving: delayed reaction time, inhibited control, etc.

Speeding or Aggressive Truck Driver

Speeding is a growing problem among all road users, trucks and single occupancy vehicles alike. And the faster a vehicle goes, the longer it takes to stop. The non-linear curve associated with the physics of time to stop is even steeper for heavy trucks.

Overloaded Truck Accident

Overloading or improperly loading/tying down truck cargo increases the likelihood of a collision in the following ways:

  • Raising the center of gravity and increasing the chance of a the driver losing control
  • Increasing the stopping time due to excessive weight
  • Putting too much pressure on the braking system
  • Cargo falling off the back of the truck

Negligent Truck Maintenance

Trucks rack up significantly more mileage per year, than the average motor vehicle. The wear and tear that is put on them, due to the weight being hauled at high speeds on the interstate, is also much greater than the typical car, van, or SUV. For these reasons, trucking companies have a great responsibility to perform regular maintenance and inspection. Failure to do so is likely to cause tire blowouts, defective brakes, broken or burned-out lights, and other dangers.

Call a Lehigh Acres Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Victims of truck accidents are often left with massive medical bills, months of lost wages, and long-term disability due to their injuries. If you were injured in a truck crash, we strongly urge you to contact the Lehigh Acres truck accident lawyers at Cardinal Law, P.A. Reach out to us today at 239-610-0845 to schedule a free consultation.

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