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Naples Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Accidents are often the result of small mistakes. A driver speeds through a red light because they are late for work. A supermarket employee forgets to clean up a puddle of spilled liquid because they were distracted helping a customer. Nobody intends for anything bad to happen. But then it does.

In a split second, an act of negligence can leave an innocent victim with life-altering injuries. We are not talking about a broken bone or a sore back. We are talking about the loss of limbs, brain damage, and even permanent paralysis. Suddenly, that simple mistake has proven very costly for someone else’s life.

If you or someone in your family has been harmed due to such negligence, you understandably want to hold the negligent parties legally accountable. A Naples catastrophic injury lawyer can help. At Cardinal Law, P.A., we represent clients in seeking substantial damages arising from these most serious types of accidents. We understand the long-term physical, emotional, and financial burden that a catastrophic injury entails. And we will make every effort to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation under the law.

What Injuries Are Considered Catastrophic?

When we talk about a catastrophic injury, we are basically referring to any injury that affects a permanent change in the victim’s physical or mental well-being. Many catastrophic injuries can never be fully healed. And oftentimes, this means that the victim cannot resume many or most of their previous activities of daily living, including their job.

Catastrophic injuries can take many forms. Some of the more common types that we see include:

  • Amputation. In an accident involving an automobile or machinery, a victim’s arms or legs may become crushed and thus require amputation. Aside from the devastation of losing a limb, amputation victims are at further risk due to complications such as secondary infections.
  • Burns. Accidents often trigger fires or chemical explosions that can cause second- and third-degree burns. Severe burn victims require extensive medical treatment and often suffer from permanent disfigurement and chronic pain.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries. Anytime the spinal cord is damaged in an accident, the victim is at risk for some degree of paralysis. In the most serious cases, a person may end up a paraplegic or quadriplegic.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries. Perhaps the most common form of catastrophic injury is a concussion. While some concussion symptoms resolve themselves after a few days, in many cases they can lead to permanent brain damage and impairment of the victim’s cognitive functions.

Contact Cardinal Law Today

Catastrophic injury cases are often quite complex. Because the full extent of such injuries are often not known right away, negligent defendants and their insurance companies will often try to pressure the victims into accepting low settlement offers. And many victims, desperate to replace their lost income, may accept those offers without taking the time to even consult a lawyer.

This is always a mistake. A Naples catastrophic injury lawyer can look out for you and your family during this difficult time and work to see that you receive the full amount of compensation for your permanent damages. Contact Cardinal Law, P.A., today to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our team.

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