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Naples Construction Accident Lawyer

Florida Construction Accident Attorneys in Naples

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous, and both workers and passersby can suffer serious and deadly injuries in many different types of accidents. From falls from heights and scaffolding to heavy machinery incidents and motor vehicle collisions, construction sites pose many different types of injury risks. Depending upon the facts of the case, it may be possible for an injured construction worker to seek compensation through the Florida workers’ compensation system or to file a third-party lawsuit. One of our experienced Naples construction accidents lawyers can learn more about your case and provide you with information about seeking compensation.

Getting the Facts About Naples Construction Accidents

Construction accidents have many different causes, but some hazards cause serious and deadly injuries more often than others. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a total of 5,333 workers were killed on the job or as a result of workplace injuries in 2019, and approximately 20 percent of those deaths occur in the construction industry.

OSHA cites the following are the most common causes of fatal and serious injuries on construction sites:

  • Falls, including falls from heights and slips and falls;
  • Struck-by accidents, including vehicle collisions and incidents involving tools or machinery falling from heights onto workers below;
  • Caught-in or caught-between accidents, which are common in construction trenching and excavation work; and
  • Electrocutions.

In order to prevent these and other serious injuries from occurring on construction sites, it is critical to consider the following safety protocols:

  • Construction workers should always wear safety equipment, including fall arrest equipment while working on roofs, scaffolding, or otherwise at heights, and high-visibility clothes when working in areas where a struck-by collision could occur;
  • Workers should be properly trained to use all equipment safely, including ladders, scaffolds, utility lines, electric tools, cranes and other machinery, and trenching systems;
  • All trenches should have appropriate protective systems in place;
  • Workers and others should always keep a safe distance from power lines; and
  • Floor openings should be covered and secured.

How to Seek Compensation After a Naples Construction Accident

Many construction workers who sustain injuries on the job are eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim under Florida law. When an injury arises out of the course of employment, an injured worker is typically eligible for medical coverage and wage replacement benefits.

In addition to workers’ compensation, it may be possible to file an injury lawsuit against a liable third party. Although workers’ compensation is an exclusive remedy, which means that injured construction workers cannot sue employers for negligence, third parties who cause construction site accidents can be held accountable through civil lawsuits.

Contact Our Naples Construction Accident Attorneys

If you were injured in a Naples-area construction accident or at a construction site elsewhere in Southwest Florida, do not hesitate to get in touch with our firm to learn more about how we can assist you. One of our experienced Naples construction accident lawyers can evaluate your case for you today and can provide you with more information about workers’ compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits. Contact Cardinal Law, P.A. today to learn more.

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