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Naples Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyers Representing Clients in a Variety of Transactions in Naples, Florida

Real estate lawyers in Southwest Florida provide a wide variety of services to buyers and sellers, as well as real estate developers and landlords, in both residential and commercial property sales and other transactions. In Florida real estate transactions, lenders are also usually essential players who also require legal representation to ensure that all documentation is handled properly so that the transaction can be finalized. Whether you need assistance with the purchase or sale of a residential or commercial property, or you need legal assistance with negotiations for real estate development financing, an experienced Naples real estate lawyer at our firm can assist you.

What is Real Estate Law in Naples, Florida?

Real estate law is a very broad area of the law in Florida that concerns owning and using real property or land, and various rights and responsibilities with regard to owning or using that real property. Real estate law is often divided between residential and commercial real estate, with residential real estate involving more individual buyers and sellers (and landlords and tenants) while commercial real estate matters frequently involve larger companies and developers. Many real estate matters are transactional in nature, but real estate law can sometimes require litigation.

If you have any questions or concerns about Florida laws concerning yours or another party’s rights or responsibilities when it comes to using or owning land, including developing land or buying or selling it, you should seek advice from a Naples real estate law attorney who can help.

Common Types of Legal Issues in Naples Real Estate Law

At Cardinal Law, P.A., our experienced Naples real estate lawyers handle many different types of legal matters involving the buying, selling, renting, leasing, and using of land and real property under Florida law. The following are some of the most common legal areas or issues concerning real estate law that our firm handles:

  • Residential real estate matters;
  • Commercial real estate matters;
  • Buying residential or commercial real estate;
  • Selling residential or commercial real estate;
  • Drafting and reviewing residential or commercial leases;
  • Disputes or breach of contract claims concerning residential or commercial leases;
  • Condo association or HOA disputes;
  • Construction contracts and defects;
  • Real estate development and financing;
  • Entity formation involving a real estate business;
  • Real estate litigation; and
  • Zoning and land use issues.

If you require assistance with any type of legal matter or issue involving real estate, one of our Naples real estate lawyers can provide you with more information.

Seek Advice from a Real Estate Attorney in Naples

Whether you are buying or selling property, you have concerns about the use or development of property, or you have a real estate dispute that may require litigation, one of the experienced real estate law attorneys in Naples at our firm can help. We represent clients in a wide range of real estate law matters in the state. Contact Cardinal Law, P.A. for more information about the real estate law services we provide to individuals and businesses in Southwest Florida.

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