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Naples Truck Accident DUI Lawyer

Commercial trucking accidents can happen for any number of reasons. But one of the more commonly cited factors is drunk driving. We all know that it is dangerous to get behind the wheel of any motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But it is especially reckless–and dangerous–to get behind the wheel of a commercial truck while intoxicated.

If drunk or drugged driving played a role in an accident where you were seriously injured, you need to act quickly to preserve your legal rights to seek compensation. An experienced Naples truck accident DUI lawyer can provide you with advice and representation on this matter. At Cardinal Law, P.A., we represent victims and families whose lives have been shattered by a drunk truck driver.

Florida Holds Commercial Truck Drivers to a Higher DUI Standard

You probably know that a person is considered too drunk to drive in Florida if their blood-alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 percent or greater. What you may not know is that this standard is even more strict for persons licensed to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle. In Florida, a commercial trucker is guilty of DUI if their BAC is 0.04 percent or greater–half the limit for regular drivers.

It is easy to understand why Florida law holds commercial truck drivers to a higher standard. Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than your regular passenger vehicles. These vehicles therefore pose a much greater risk of causing serious injury or death if not operated properly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that DUI also covers situations where a driver is impaired due to drugs. This covers prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as prohibited controlled substances. We often find in truck accident cases that drivers have been taking some sort of drug, often to help them stay awake during long shifts or to help “push through” an illness. But such drugs can also carry serious side effects that make a driver less responsive when behind the wheel.

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Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense in Florida. This means an intoxicated truck driver who causes an accident may face felony charges if someone else was injured or killed. At the same time, criminal prosecution is separate and distinct from the civil legal system designed to compensate personal injury victims. So if you have been injured in a truck accident caused by a drunk driver, you have the right to sue even if the driver is never criminally charged or convicted.

Additionally, a trucking company may also be held liable in civil court for hiring a driver with a known history of DUI or for failing to properly supervise a driver who causes an accident. A qualified Naples truck accident DUI lawyer can assist you in determining the full scope of who may be legally responsible for your damages. So if you would like to speak with a lawyer, contact Cardinal Law, P.A., today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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