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Naples Trusts & Estates Lawyer

Florida Trusts and Estates Attorneys Representing Clients in Naples

Trusts and estates law in Florida involves the protection of a person’s assets during his or her lifetime, developing legal tools and documents to ensure that those assets are distributed according to the person’s wishes after his or her death, other elements of estate planning, and the probate process. While many Floridians assume that estate planning is only for older adults or those dealing with serious medical conditions, it is critical to know that estate planning, and working through asset protection strategies under Florida trusts and estates law, is important for adults of all ages. Our Naples trusts and estates lawyers can provide you with more information about getting started.

What is Trusts and Estates Law in Naples, Florida?

In Southwest Florida, trusts and estates law can involve a variety of tools designed to protect a person’s assets and their wishes for their property after death, the probate process, and aspects of estate planning such as the creation of advance directives so that a person can have peace of mind concerning his or her health care in the event of incapacity.

For most people, trusts and estates work involves the creation of a valid will so that property will not be distributed according to Florida’s law of intestate succession, and the creation of one or more trusts in order to protect assets during a person’s lifetime or to allow beneficiaries to receive certain property without having to go through probate. Trusts and estates attorneys also assist executors with the probate process, which is the legal process through which a deceased person’s estate is identified, taxes and debts are paid, and property is distributed to heirs or beneficiaries. The probate process can be lengthy and complex, so many Naples residents work with estate planning attorneys to ensure that their loved ones can avoid probate.

Common Types of Naples Trusts and Estates Cases We Handle

At Cardinal Law, P.A., we know that estate planning can be complicated, but we also know how essential it is to be certain that your assets and wishes are protected and that your loved ones will be cared for when you are gone. Common types of trusts and estate cases we handle in Naples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Making a valid will, and ensuring that the will conforms to the requirements of Florida law so that assets will not be passed according to the law of intestate succession;
  • Establishing one or more trusts, which may include a special needs trust for a disabled loved one, a revocable or irrevocable living trust, a Medicaid asset protection trust, or a testamentary trust;
  • Creating health care advance directives, including drafting a living will or appointing a health care surrogate (which can sometimes be described as a health care power of attorney), which can allow a person to ensure that their health care wishes will be honored even if they become incapacitated and cannot voice their own decisions;
  • Probate process; and
  • Will contests and estate litigation.

Contact Our Trusts and Estates Attorneys in Naples

If you have questions about establishing a trust, the probate process, estate litigation, or other aspects of estate planning, our Naples trusts and estates lawyers can help. Contact Cardinal Law, P.A. today.

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