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Estero Construction Accident Lawyer

Lee County is one of the fastest-growing areas in one of the fastest-growing states in the country. The competition is fierce for new construction projects, like multifamily apartment complexes, and renovation projects, like old downtown renewals. Since a few dollars could make the difference between making or losing money on a particular job, and transportation and other costs are so high, many companies take shortcuts in areas like worker safety.

Economic pressure, no matter how intense, does not affect legal obligations. These obligations include providing proper safety equipment, training workers in its use, and emphasizing the importance of such safety measures. If a company fails to meet these obligations, the dedicated Estero construction accident lawyer at Cardinal Law quickly gets to work. We analyze these complex cases and determine your legal options. We also help job injury victims get the medical treatment they need. So, when the case goes to court, we are well positioned to obtain maximum compensation for your serious injuries.

Workers’ Compensation

Generations ago, as part of the Grand Bargain between workers and management, workers surrendered their right to sue for workplace injury damages in civil court after management set up a no-fault insurance benefit system.

If the injury or occupational disease was work-related, an Estero construction accident lawyer can usually obtain compensation for:

  • Lost Wages: Most job injury victims receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage (AWW) for the duration of their work-related disabilities. The AWW is an average of gross cash pay (less allowable deductions), expense reimbursement and other such compensation, periodic bonuses, and lost overtime opportunities.
  • Medical Bills: Under Florida law, the workers’ compensation insurance company must directly pay all reasonably necessary medical bills, and providers cannot bill victims for any unpaid charges. Insurance adjusters often wrongly confuse “reasonably necessary” with “cheapest available.” At the same time, medical providers regularly flaunt the law and send bills to victims.

Falls are the most common construction worker trauma injuries, followed by motor vehicle collisions. As mentioned, many employers cut corners in areas like safety harnesses and scaffolding guards. Additionally, many inexperienced drivers operate cement mixers and other huge construction vehicles.

Hearing loss is the most common occupational disease, followed by repetitive stress injuries. Many job sites are noisy enough to cause hearing loss, but they are not noisy enough to trigger mandatory OSHA hearing protection rules. Additionally, many construction workers bend, stoop, and kneel almost all day every day. The body’s joints cannot tolerate such overuse.

Nonsubscriber Cases and Estero Construction Accident Lawyers

This phrase is Legalese for construction injuries that workers’ compensation does not cover. In these cases, these victims may file civil claims and, if the employer was negligent, obtain additional compensation for emotional distress and other noneconomic losses.

Non-coverage might be the most common kind of nonsubscriber case. Florida law requires most employers to purchase valid policies that cover all their employees.

Some employers simply disregard this requirement. They believe the chances of getting caught are so remote, and the fines are so light, that the risk is worthwhile. Other employers lie to their insurance companies frequently about the number of employees. When insurance companies discover these lies, they deny coverage.

In these cases, employers typically cannot use comparative fault and other magic bullet defenses, So, it’s easier to successfully resolve such matters.

Count on an Assertive Lee County Lawyer

Injury victims are entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Estero construction accident lawyer, contact Cardinal Law, P.A. You have a limited amount of time to act.

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