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Naples Business & Civil Litigation Lawyer

Florida Business and Civil Litigation Attorneys in Naples

Many different types of legal issues and disputes can arise that require help from a civil litigation attorney, and many kinds of legal disputes involve businesses in Southwest Florida. Business disputes requiring civil litigation can range from employment claims to disputes between businesses to breach of contract claims. Other matters requiring civil litigation can arise in various other areas of the law, such as insurance law or trusts and estates law. If you need help managing a legal issue or dispute that has arisen, an experienced Naples business and civil litigation lawyer at our firm is here to assist you.

What is Civil Litigation in Naples?

Civil litigation is a term that refers to any legal process in which one party files a civil claim against another party. It is often easier to understand what civil litigation involves by learning more about what it does not involve. More specifically, civil litigation involves any kind of legal disputes that are not criminal in nature. In other words, the possibility of criminal penalties does not exist in civil litigation, and instead the party or parties filing a claim will be seeking a legal remedy that does not include criminal liability. Instead, parties are typically seeking either monetary damages or specific performance.

Parties involved in civil litigation may be individuals, businesses, or other entities. These cases can also involve just two parties, or multiple parties may be involved in civil litigation.

Process of Naples Civil Litigation

A civil litigation lawyer in Naples will typically start the process by working to negotiate a settlement to the existing dispute so that the parties can avoid court and save both time and money. However, if a settlement or resolution is not possible, then a civil litigation lawyer can move forward with your lawsuit. The process for civil litigation typically includes the following steps or processes:

  • Filing a civil lawsuit and the other party or parties being served, and having an opportunity to respond;
  • Information negotiations to resolve the dispute;
  • Pre-trial process, including discovery, settlement conferences, and opportunities for alternative dispute resolution;
  • Trial; and
  • Settlement or verdict.

Common Types of Business Disputes and Civil Litigation Matters We Handle

At Cardinal Law, P.A., we handle many different types of business disputes and civil litigation matters, such as:

  • Breach of contract claims;
  • Business disputes, including shareholder and partner disputes;
  • Commercial real estate disputes;
  • Construction law litigation;
  • Employment law issues;
  • Insurance law disputes; and
  • Trusts and estates litigation.

Contact Our Naples Business & Civil Litigation Attorneys for Assistance

If you are facing a business dispute or need assistance with a civil litigation matter, one of our experienced Naples business and civil litigation lawyers can speak with you today about your circumstances. Many types of legal disputes can be resolved before litigation must occur, and our firm is committed to helping you achieve the most cost-effective and favorable outcome to any legal dispute you are facing. If your case ultimately requires going to trial, we are prepared to advocate for you every step of the way. Contact Cardinal Law, P.A. today to learn more about how our firm can assist you.

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