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Burn Injuries In Naples: How To Get Compensation


Each year in early February, the American Burn Association (ABA) sponsors Burn Awareness Week. It calls attention to one of the most common and painful types of personal injuries.  Our Naples personal injury lawyer explains common causes of burn injuries in Collier County and how victims can get compensation.

Burns Among The Most Painful Personal Injuries In Naples 

If you have ever burned your mouth on hot coffee or your hand while cooking, you know how painful even a relatively minor burn injury can be. Unfortunately, when accidents happen, burn injuries in Naples may occur on a much larger scale.

The Mayo Clinic advises that burn injuries are common due to heat and exposure to hazardous substances. They can happen anywhere on the body and, in addition to being painful, can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement. Burns can happen due to car accidents or on another person’s property, such as in a fire. Burn injuries in Naples are generally categorized in terms of degree:

  • First degree burn: This type of burn impacts the outer layers of skin. While considered the least severe type of burn, it can still require extensive medical care.
  • Second degree burn: This is more severe and extended beneath the skin to tissues underneath, resulting in scarring, pain, and potential nerve damage or loss of use of the affected body part.
  • Third degree burns: Considered the most severe type of burn, these penetrate deep below the skin, potentially impacting body organs and systems. Recovery can take long years and permanent disabilities are likely to result. These types of burns are also among the most life-threatening.

Compensation for Burn Injuries In Naples

Burn injuries in Naples can happen due to fires, electrocutions, and exposure to hot surfaces and hazardous substances. They often require extensive medical care and can leave victims suffering chronic pain and other impairments for years to come. When they happen due to the reckless behavior of others, you may be entitled to compensation.

A personal injury claim for burn injuries in Naples may be filed through the at fault party’s insurer. If insurance is not an option or fails to cover all of your costs, our Tampa personal injury lawyers can guide you in filing a lawsuit through the Collier County Civil Court. Compensation available includes:

  • Payment of all current and future medical care associated with your injuries;
  • Payment for your current lost income and any future lost earnings or benefits due to ongoing impairments;
  • Payment for pain and suffering, scarring or disfigurement, and lost enjoyment in life due to your burn injuries.

When Burn Injuries Happen, Contact Our Naples Personal Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are among the most common, painful, and potentially life-threatening personal injuries. When they occur due to the recklessness of others, Cardinal Law Firm helps you get compensation.

Our Naples personal injury lawyer provides the caring support and professional legal representation you need to file a claim. To request a consultation, call or  contact our office online  today.





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