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Evidence Plays A Major Role In Getting Compensation For Personal Injuries In Naples


Personal injuries in Naples happen due to a variety of causes and can impact your health and financial security for years afterward. When they happen due to the negligence of others, you are entitled to compensation. However, you have just one chance to get the total amount needed to cover all losses. Our Naples personal injury lawyer explains the important role evidence plays in filing a claim and how it can help you get the maximum compensation.

Common Types of Evidence In Naples Personal Injury Claims

The Florida Department of Health reports that personal injuries are a common cause of death and disability in the state. They impact thousands of people in our area each year. Negligence on the part of others involved is to blame.

Personal injuries in Naples often occur due to car, bike, and pedestrian accidents, slips and falls, boat crashes, and other serious mishaps. Negligence means that those involved either took actions that put you at risk or failed to take reasonable safety precautions. Under the Florida Statutes, you have the right to hold them liable for costs you incur as a result.

Evidence plays a crucial role in filing a Naples personal injury claim. It helps in proving how your accident occurred, that the other party is liable, and the amount of damages you suffer. Common types of evidence needed in Naples personal injury cases include:

  • Police and other accident reports;
  • Witness statements;
  • Photos or videos from the accident scene;
  • Video surveillance from nearby businesses or traffic signals;
  • Statements from emergency medical providers;
  • Medical records and diagnostic test results;
  • Paystubs or wage statements showing lost income.

Evidence Helps You Get The Maximum Compensation For Personal Injuries In Naples

Evidence plays a crucial role in your claim. For this reason, you should report any type of accident immediately to the appropriate authorities, get contact information for all involved, and, if possible, take pictures and videos at the scene. This can help prove that the other party was at fault and that your injuries occurred as a direct result of their negligence.

In Naples personal injury cases, certain types of evidence can help in getting the maximum amount you are entitled to, either through insurers or by filing a personal injury lawsuit through the Collier County Court. This includes:

  • Statements from medical providers detailing your prognosis for recovery and any long-term disabilities you are likely to suffer;
  • Estimates regarding future medical costs due to ongoing impairments;
  • Projections on how your injuries could impact future income and benefits;
  • Statements from you and family members detailing how your injuries impact other areas of your life.

Get Our Naples Personal Injury Lawyer On Your Side

At the Cardinal Law Firm, we help you gather the evidence needed to get the maximum amount you need to recover from personal injuries in Naples. To get our Naples personal injury lawyer on your side, call or contact our office online today.





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