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Recovery From Concussion Injuries In Naples


Concussions are one of the most common types of accidental injuries in Naples. They can happen when a bump, sudden blow, or violent jolt to the head causes damage to the skull or surrounding tissues and a change in brain functioning. Symptoms of concussions may appear minor at first but can impact your health and ability to work or enjoy other activities for long months afterward. Our Naples head injury lawyer explains more about how concussions happen, common symptoms, and how to protect your rights in a claim.

Symptoms Of Concussions In Naples

One of the most common and potentially serious types of personal injuries, concussions can happen due to any type of sudden blow or jolt to the head. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that falls are one of the leading causes, but concussions can also happen due to car, bike, and pedestrian crashes, sports and recreational accidents, or getting struck by or against objects in public places.

While concussions are considered a mild type of traumatic brain injury, there is nothing minor about the symptoms they can cause, which can have major impacts on every area of your life. These often include:

  • Chronic headaches;
  • Changes in vision or hearing;
  • Dizziness and difficulty maintaining balance;
  • Problems communicating or understanding what is being said;
  • Short or long-term memory impairment;
  • Increased anger and anxiety;
  • Personality changes, such as depression and increased isolation.

What To Expect When Recovering From Concussion Injuries In Naples

When an accident happens and a concussion is suspected, seek medical care immediately. While symptoms are often subtle, these injuries can prove life-threatening if not treated. Delaying care also increases the chances of long-term disabilities.

The Brain Injury Association (BIAUSA) advises that the timetable for recovering from concussion injuries varies. The brain generally cannot process information as quickly as it did prior to the injury, which can leave the victim feeling fatigued and frustrated in terms of memory impairments, mobility issues, excessive fatigue, and a general feeling of not being able to keep up with what is going on around them.

If your brain injury occurred in an accident in which others are to blame, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. To protect your rights in a claim, follow these steps:

  • Report any type of accident immediately to the authorities;
  • Get contact information for everyone involved, including witnesses;
  • Keep medical care as soon as possible, regardless of the severity of your symptoms;
  • Contact our experienced Naples head injury lawyer before making statements to insurers or accepting a settlement.

Request A Consultation With Our Naples Brain Injury Lawyer Today

Cardinal Law, P.A. helps victims of concussions in Naples and their families get the compensation they need to cover medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs. We provide the trusted, local legal representation you need to protect your rights in a claim. To request a consultation with our experienced Naples head injury lawyer, call or contact us online today.




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