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How To Challenge Insurance Companies And Increase The Amount Of Your Naples Personal Injury Settlement


Car crashes, slips and falls, dog bites, and other hazards can cause serious personal injuries in Naples. In many cases, insurance policies you and the other party have in place can help cover your losses.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing claims. Our Naples personal injury lawyer explains how to challenge low-ball offers and increase the amount you get in a final settlement. 

Seeking Payment for Personal Injuries In Naples Through Insurers

The Florida Department of Health reports that accidental injuries are a leading cause of death and disability throughout the state. While they may happen unintentionally, negligence on the part of others is often to blame.

Negligence means they either engaged in potentially dangerous behavior that put you at risk or failed to take what would be considered reasonable safety precautions. Examples include:

  • Car accidents in which the other driver was speeding or driving under the influence;
  • Fall injuries due to wet floors or uneven surfaces;
  • Getting struck by lighting fixtures or other objects that were improperly attached;
  • Dog bites due to the owner’s failure to properly restrain their pet.

In these and other cases, the at-fault party may have insurance that can help cover your costs. You may also have your own policies in place. Unfortunately, when dealing with insurers, their top priority is protecting their own profits. As a result, they are likely to try to deny or undervalue your claim.

Getting The Total Amount You Are Entitled To In A Naples Personal Injury Claim

When dealing with insurers, it is important to take steps to protect yourself. Refuse to provide a recorded statement and refrain from admitting any amount of blame for what happened. You will need medical records, wage statements, and other items to document your losses. Despite your efforts, the insurer is still likely to downplay your claim.

A common tactic is to offer an immediate, low-ball settlement. In countering this offer, take the following steps:

  • Avoid giving an immediate response;
  • Review the evidence you provided and gather additional documents as needed;
  • Consider not only your current lost wages and medical expenses but also future costs you are likely to incur;
  • In terms of property damages, rather than valuing items at what they may be currently worth, provide the insurer with proof of what it will cost to replace these items instead.

Consult with our experienced Naples personal injury lawyer before accepting a settlement. In some cases, filing a personal injury lawsuit through the Collier County Civil Court may be the best way to get you the maximum compensation.

Request A Consultation With Our Naples Personal Injury Lawyer

To protect your rights when personal injuries happen, get Cardinal Law Firm on your side. We negotiate with insurers on your behalf to get the best possible settlement and will not hesitate to take your case to court if needed.  Contact us today and request a consultation with our Naples personal injury lawyer.




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