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Ten Common Terms You Are Likely To Hear In Naples Personal Injury Cases


Personal injuries in Naples have the potential to impact your health and financial security for years afterward. When they happen due to the recklessness of others, you have the right to seek compensation.

Our Naples personal injury lawyer provides the caring support and trusted, local legal representation you need to get the maximum compensation. The following explains ten common legal terms you are likely to hear during the process of filing a Florida personal injury claim.

Common Terms Used When Filing A Personal Injury Claim In Naples

The Florida legal system is a complex mix of rules and procedures for handling different types of criminal and civil cases. Personal injury claims in Naples are civil matters and may be resolved either through any insurers involved or by filing a lawsuit through the Collier County Civil Court.

In either situation, you are likely to encounter legal jargon you have never heard before. The following are 10 legal terms that are likely to hear from lawyers, judges, staff, and others involved in your case:

  1. Defendant

In personal injury cases, this refers to the person who suffers harm and files a claim against others.

  1. Plaintiff

This is the person, group, or company alleged in your claim as being responsible for your injuries.

  1. Negligence

Negligence forms the foundation of a Naples personal injury case. It means taking reckless actions that put others at risk or failing to take reasonable safety precautions.

  1. Liability

When the negligence of others causes you harm, you have the right to hold them responsible for your losses.

  1. Burden of Proof

In order to file a successful claim, you must prove that the other party was negligent and that their behavior was a direct cause of your injuries.

  1. Discovery

Evidence plays an important role in proving fault for personal injuries in Naples. Discovery is the process by which each side shares evidence it has gathered with the other.

  1. Comparative Fault

Florida follows the rule of comparative fault. In cases where your own actions may have been partially to blame for an accident, you may still be entitled to compensation.

  1. Damages

This refers to the different types of compensation available in a Naples personal injury claim.

  1. Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

This is the point at which you have made the maximum recovery possible from your injuries, and any ongoing impairments are likely to become permanent disabilities.

  1. Statute of Limitations

This is the amount of time you have under state law for filing a claim. Under the Florida Statutes, you have up to two years to seek compensation for personal injuries in Naples.

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