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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Personal Injury > Planning Summer Travel? Airplane-Related Accident Injuries In Naples And How They Happen

Planning Summer Travel? Airplane-Related Accident Injuries In Naples And How They Happen


It has been a rough couple of years for airplane travel. High ticket prices, excessively delayed or canceled flights, and bad behavior on the part of passengers or flight crew have caused widespread dissatisfaction with the industry. Meanwhile, recent incidents involving major malfunctions during flights are a serious cause for concern.

If you plan on traveling this summer, flying may still be the most practical way to reach your destination. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our Naples personal injury lawyer explains what you need to know about airplane-related accidents and how to protect yourself.

Common Causes Of Flight-Related Personal Injuries In Naples

Naples is served by two airports. The Naples Airport (APF) is located within the city and offers limited regional service. Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) is the primary provider and only a half-hour drive away. If you are planning on flying this summer, you may be concerned about plane malfunctions that could put your safety at risk.

In March 2024, the New York Times covered a series of headline-grabbing incidents involving United Airlines planes. Eight happened over the course of two weeks, resulting from engine fires, tire blowouts, steering problems, and other issues. Some have accused the carrier of widespread, systemic problems, but National Transportation Safety Board investigations reveal the incidents were all common malfunctions that occur regularly but are rarely reported.

As a passenger, your primary concern is whether you and your family are safe. While major crashes or other incidents resulting in passenger deaths occur only on rare occasions, there are light-related mishaps that can cause serious personal injuries:

  • Torn carpeting or other hazards, that can cause trips and falls while boarding or getting off the plane;
  • Getting struck by luggage stored improperly in overhead bins;
  • Getting struck by rolling beverage carts;
  • Airplane turbulence, which can cause you to get violently jolted or thrown from your seat;
  • Hard landings, causing serious back and neck injuries.

Protect Yourself When Flying This Summer

Airplane crashes may not pose widespread risks, but serious personal injuries can happen while flying in other ways. To protect yourself, wear the appropriate shoes for traveling, make sure carry-on luggage is manageable, follow flight crew safety instructions, and avoid taking your seat belt off or getting out of your seat as much as possible during your trip. If you are injured while flying, take these steps to protect your health and your rights in filing a claim:

  • Report the incident immediately to the flight crew;
  • Make sure they fill out an accident report;
  • Get contact information for everyone involved and any witnesses nearby;
  • Seek medical care as soon as possible.

Contact Our Naples Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents can happen in a variety of ways while flying, resulting in serious personal injuries. Cardinal Law, P.A. provides the strong, professional legal representation you need to get compensation in a claim. Call or contact our Naples personal injury lawyer online and request a consultation today.




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