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Important Precautions When Visiting Your Doctor For Personal Injuries In Naples


Personal injuries in Naples often occur due to car crashes, slips and falls, or other causes. When these ‘accidents’ occur due to negligence on the part of others involved, you have the right to hold them accountable in a personal injury claim. However, medical records regarding your injuries and information provided by your medical providers could end up making or breaking your case. To protect your rights, our Naples personal injury lawyer explains some important precautions to take during doctor visits.

The Importance of Seeing A Doctor, Even If Personal Injury Symptoms Are Minor  

Whenever any type of accident happens, get medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible, regardless of your symptoms. Failing to do so could put your health in jeopardy. It could also impact your rights to compensation in a Naples personal injury claim.

Many serious and potentially disabling conditions have symptoms that may not appear until days or even weeks after an accident. These include:

  • Bone fractures: Even if there is no swelling and you can still move the body part, get x-rays to be sure.
  • Muscle or tendon sprains and strains: Soft tissue injuries can take up to a year or more to recover from and can have far-reaching impacts on your health.
  • Bruising: This happens due to bleeding below the skin’s surface and could damage nerve endings or cause problems with circulation;
  • Head injuries: One of the most serious types of personal injuries, ignoring subtle signs and not seeking immediate treatment could put your life in jeopardy.

In addition to protecting your health, medical records and statements from your doctor provide important evidence when filing a personal injury claim. This is true whether you deal with insurers or file a personal injury lawsuit in Naples through the Collier County Civil Court.

Take These Steps With Medical Providers To Protect Your Rights In A Naples Personal Injury Claim

Under the Florida Statutes, you have the right to seek compensation for personal injuries that happen due to the negligence of others. Information from medical providers helps to support your claim. To protect your rights, take these steps when visiting your doctor:

  • Make sure they are aware your injuries are the result of an accident and note it in your medical file;
  • Inform them of all symptoms you are suffering from, regardless of how subtle;
  • Undergo any recommended testing and get copies of all test results;
  • Take your doctor’s advice regarding follow-up care and any recommended treatments, including physical therapy and medications;
  • Follow their instructions regarding any work and general activity restrictions.

Contact Our Naples Personal Injury Lawyers

At Cardinal Law, P.A., we provide trusted legal representation for personal injury victims and help get them the compensation they are entitled to. To learn more about filing a claim and how to protect your rights, call or contact our office online and request a consultation with our Naples personal injury lawyer.




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