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Research Holds Promise In Uncovering New Ways To Treat Traumatic Brain Injuries In Naples


Any other type of bump or blow to the head can cause traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in Naples. Unfortunately, these can cause long-term cognitive impairments. Our Naples personal injury lawyer explains how new research holds promise in treating TBI and the steps you need to take to protect your rights in a claim.

Electrical Stimulation Holds Promise In Treating Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can happen due to car crashes, slips and falls, or any accident impacting the head. While symptoms often appear subtle at first, they can have dramatic long-term impacts on your health.

People with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in Naples often experience issues with physical coordination and maintaining their balance. They also suffer cognitive impairments, including difficulty regulating their emotions, problems communicating with others or understanding what is said, and memory loss.

While treatment for brain injuries often involves rest and lengthy rehabilitation periods, researchers at Stanford Medicine claim they have uncovered a potentially new treatment. In a December 2023 news release, they reported that electrical stimulation holds promise and that by placing a stimulation device in just the right area, they can help restore previously lost cognitive functions in TBI patients.

This treatment is new and still in the research phase, and it is primarily geared towards people who suffer from moderate to severe brain injuries. However, it offers a glimmer of hope to patients and their families, who typically have few options when it comes to treating TBI.

When You Or Someone You Love Suffers A Traumatic Brain Injury In Naples

Electrical stimulation may eventually be able to help people with serious traumatic brain injuries in Naples. Earlier in 2023, Reuters reported that a new blood test was approved as well, which aids doctors in diagnosing concussions, a common cause of TBI.

While these developments hold future promise for TBI victims and their families, it is important to be aware of what you can do now to protect yourself and your rights. Our Naples traumatic brain injury attorney recommends taking these steps if an accident happens::

  • If you are involved in any accident resulting in bumps, blows, or violent jolts to the head, report it to the police or other authorities immediately.
  • Make sure an accident report is filed and lists the names and contact information of everyone involved.
  • As symptoms of TBI are subtle, seek medical attention as soon as possible, regardless of the severity of your injuries.
  • Speak with our legal team before making statements to insurers or accepting any settlements.

Request A Consultation With Our Naples Personal Injury Lawyer

New treatments for traumatic brain injuries in Naples show promise but are still in the early stages. There are practical steps you can take now when an accident happens that can help you in getting the compensation you need to cover future costs and expenses. To discuss your options in filing a claim, contact Cardinal Law Firm and request a consultation with our Naples personal injury lawyer today.





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