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How To Reduce Naples Personal Injury Risks In The New Year


It is hard to resist the lure of New Year’s resolutions. Taking control of your time, money, health, and overall well-being while making plans to achieve your goals can get you off to a good start for 2024. However, unexpected events can happen. Our Naples personal injury lawyer shares tips that can help prevent accidental injuries from putting a damper on your plans.

Be Aware Of How Personal Injuries In Naples Often Happen

Personal injuries in Naples typically happen as a result of different accidents. These can occur while driving to and from work, running errands, or engaging in your favorite hobbies and recreational activities. In addition to having potentially devastating impacts on your health, they can jeopardize the financial security of you and your family for years afterward.

One of the most common causes of Naples personal injuries is motor vehicle crashes. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), more than 5,000 car accidents in Collier County happen each year. Other ways you and those you love could end up suffering serious harm include:

  • Slip and fall accidents: These pose risks when shopping at local stores, dining at restaurants, and visiting other people in their homes.
  • Getting struck by or against objects: These can happen in stores, offices, entertainment complexes, and other public places. Overstocked shelves, loose fixtures, and improperly secured holiday decor increase the risks.
  • Burns and fire-related injuries: These can happen at home when using firepits or fireplaces, due to cooking accidents, or when visiting your favorite hotels, restaurants, and other public places.
  • Pedestrian accidents: These are common in store parking lots, at local events, and anywhere pedestrians are likely to gather.

Preventing Naples Personal Injuries In The Year Ahead

Personal injuries are no minor matter. The Florida Department of Health reports that they are the fourth leading cause of death throughout the state. Even in less severe cases, personal injuries in Naples can impact your health for months or even years to come, leaving you facing mountains of medical expenses, along with lost wages and other costs.

While accidents often happen due to the reckless behavior of others involved, there are ways to reduce your risks in the year ahead. These include:

  • Be a safe driver: Follow posted traffic signs, pay attention, and avoid speeding, tailgating, and other aggressive behaviors.
  • Take your time: Avoid rushing, which only increases accident risks.
  • Wear the appropriate shoes: Non-skid soles help prevent falls on wet floors and slick sidewalks.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings: When engaging in different activities, survey your surroundings, make note of emergency exits, and be aware of hazards that increase injury risks.

Request A Consultation With Our Naples Personal Injury Lawyer

When holiday accidents happen, Cardinal Law Firm provides the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need to get compensation. To request a consultation with our Naples personal injury lawyer, call or contact us online today.




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