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Naples Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Personal Injury > When Personal Injuries In Naples Happen During Holiday Shopping Trips

When Personal Injuries In Naples Happen During Holiday Shopping Trips


Winter involves eating some of our favorite foods and spending time with family and friends. Once the meal is over, holiday shopping may be on the schedule. Stores stock their shelves with bargains and extend their hours, making it appealing for shoppers.

Going out in search of holiday supplies and gifts can be fun, but it can also pose risks. Our Naples personal injury lawyer explains how accidents can happen and how to protect yourself during holiday shopping trips.

Accidental Injuries Common At Stores During The Holiday Season 

The holidays are the busiest and most profitable times of year for retailers. According to a November 2023 Statista report, sales forecasts indicate shoppers will likely spend more than $950 billion this year alone. Many stores extend their hours, overstock shelves, and offer deep discounts in anticipation.

This can help you in crossing items off your holiday shopping list, but can also increase the risk of personal injuries. Accidents that can happen in stores amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays include:

Parking Lot Accidents

Prior to ever stepping into a store, parking lot accidents pose major risks. The National Safety Council reports tens of thousands of these crashes happen each year and are often due to distracted drivers.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and falls are one of the most common causes of personal injuries. They can happen in stores due to wet floors, cluttered walkways and aisles, lack of proper lighting, and damaged flooring materials.

Getting Struck By Or Against Objects

Unsecured lighting and fixtures, overstocked shelves, and fast-moving stock-loading machines can all cause you serious harm.

Lack Of Security

Holiday shoppers can get very aggressive. It is not uncommon for crushing injuries to happen while waiting to get into stores or to get injured as a result of altercations with other shoppers. The store has a legal duty to protect your safety and maintain order and can be held liable for injuries you suffer.

Protect Yourself Against Holiday Shopping Accidents And Injuries

Personal injuries in Naples that happen during holiday shopping accidents can impact you for long months after the season is over. You may require ongoing medical care while being unable to work or engage in your favorite activities. Consider the risks, and take the following precautions to protect yourself:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes when going shopping;
  • Pay close attention in parking lots and yield to pedestrians;
  • Avoid overly crowded stores or lines where customers are getting aggressive;
  • Ask for help instead of reaching for items on high shelves.

If an accident does happen, notify security, the store manager, or the property owner immediately. Make sure an accident report is filed and seek medical attention for your injuries.

Contact Our Naples Personal Injury Lawyer

Store owners can be held liable for personal injuries in Naples that happen while holiday shopping. To protect your rights in a claim, contact Cardinal Law Firm. Request a consultation with our Naples personal injury lawyer today.




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